Frequently Asked Questions

Our design collection can be viewed at Design Galleries Pages. If you wish to order any design from our collection, please indicate the design number, size, color numbers (for background and other complimentary colors) and the knot density. Email your order at


We provide 30×30 cm pieces of carpets as samples and our color chart (woolen poms) free of charge. However, customer requesting any larger samples will be required to pay for them. If the cost of shipping the samples and woolen poms is below US$ 15.00, we shall pay for the shipment too. If the cost of shipping the samples exceeds US$ 15.00, we ask the customer to pay for the shipment. If the customer places a confirmed order after receiving the samples, the cost of shipment will be credited towards that order and will be deducted from the total amount of that order.  

There is no minimum order requirement for carpets. However, customs orders amounting to less than 35 sq.meters (approx. 375 sq.feet) per design and colour combination are subject to an additional 25% charge on our standard FOB rates. Additionally, customs orders with complex designs and designs containing more than 12 colours are subject to additional charges.

It is certainly possible to order carpets in colours and sizes of the customer’s preference. Besides our own colour chart, we also use other colour charts such as Pantone Colour Guides. If you wish to choose colour from it, please indicate the colour number. If you wish to order in any other colour, please mail us a sample. Our mailing address can be found at the bottom of this page.

Please indicate the shape and size as accurately as possible.

Please email at  to inquire about the rates. We reply to every enquiry promptly. Our rates are, unless otherwise specified, usually FOB Kathmandu. They do not include any shipping, handling and insurance charges.

FOB is an INCOTERMS (International Commercial Terms), which is a universally recognized set of definitions of international trade terms. FOB Kathmandu rate includes the selling price of the good and the delivery of the good on board the vessel at Kathmandu, Nepal. The rate does not include any shipping, handling, insurance charges and customs clearance charges at the buyer’s country.

The customer can pay for the carpet by means of a Letter of Credit or by bank to bank wire transfer. As per our export regulations, we cannot ship any order without receiving the payment for it. We have to submit an Advance Payment Certificate (APC) at our customs when shipping. The bank, which issues the APC, only does so after receiving the payment in our favor. Payments can be made in US Dollars, Australian Dollars, UK Pound and Euro currencies.

We do not accept payments by credit cards.

We ship carpets by air or by sea, depending on our customer’s preference. We suggest sea shipment for larger, bulkier orders, i.e. orders over 500 sq. meters or over 5000 sq. feet in volume. Sea shipment is cheaper. However, it may take between 30-45 days to reach a European seaport and about 60 days to reach a North American sea port.

For smaller orders, we suggest shipment by air or by a courier service. On such shipments, the shipped goods is not delivered at the customer’s location. Instead, the customer may be required to pick up the goods at the airport. The customer can also appoint a clearing agent to have the shipment cleared at their domestic customs and have it delivered to his/her location. We recommend and use air cargo because it is cheaper than courier service and the service is as equally reliable. Customs clearance charges, if any needs to be paid in the buyer’s country, are not be included in the shipping charge.

We also use DHL for shipping so that the carpets at delivered right at our customers’ address, if they desire. However, shipment by a courier service is more expensive than by air freight. We usually mail sample carpets (30x30cm) and colour charts by DHL.

Shipments by air cargo or by a courier services can be delivered within a week in any part of the world.

Sample shipment charges by air cargo are as follows:


45 – 99.9 kg

100 – 499 kg

Above 500 kg

Tokyo, Japan

US$ 2.65 per kg

US$ 2.50 per kg

US$ 2.35 per kg

Osaka, Japan

US$ 2.10 per kg

US$ 1.90 per kg

US$ 1.75 per kg

Brisbane, Australia

US$ 4.46 per kg

US$ 4.46 per kg

US$ 2.75 per kg

Frankfurt, Germany

US$ 4.60 per kg

US$ 3.44 per kg

US$ 2.25 per kg

London, England

US$ 4.60 per kg

US$ 3.44 per kg

US$ 2.30 per kg

New York, USA

US$ 5.34 per kg

US$ 3.85 per kg

US$ 3.05 per kg

Boston, USA

US$ 5.34 per kg

US$ 4.17 per kg

US$ 3.05 per kg

San Francisco, USA

US$ 6.56 per kg

US$ 4.81 per kg

US$ 3.35 per kg

We take every measure to ensure that our customers’ receive their orders undamaged. Unfortunately, problems do arise sometimes. We advise our customers to immediately check the goods once they arrive at their premises and put forward claims for any damaged goods. We may either refund the amount already paid or replace the damaged pieces. Please do not return the goods back to us without informing us first.

Mailing Address:
Soorya Carpet Industries
G.P.O Box 1765
Kathmandu, NEPAL

Street Address:
32 Rudramati Marg – 1
Ward No. 10, Buddha Nagar
Kathmandu, NEPAL

Tel: [+977-1] 4780923, 4783003

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