Carpet Materials

The predominant ingredient in a carpet is wool. Tibetan wool, also known as Himalaya wool, is produced from a Tibetan mountain sheep  “Changphel”. Grazed over 14,000 feet in  extremely cold temperature, these sheep develop long fleece with tensile strength and high level of Lanolin content which makes it the most durable, soft and luxurious wool in the world. Tibetan wool is  known for its fine quality and durability.  New Zealand Wool is from merino sheep found in Australia and New Zealand. It is of the excellent quality, finely crimped and soft. As it comes in pure white color, this wool is best for light colored carpets.

Various kinds of natural or synthetic silk are used in carpet for design and texture effect. Silk adds gorgeous sheen when blended with wool and gives a touch of sophistication to the carpet. Chinese Silk is a soft, luxurious silk from silkworm (Bombyx mori) cocoon, which is known for its highest quality and price.  Bamboo Silk is a natural fiber extracted from the Bamboo plant while Banana silk is a natural fiber from banana tree. They are an economical alternative to Chinese silk.

Natural fibres like Hemp, Nettle, Jute, Soya, Linen, and Allo are also used in making carpets to add texture to the carpet and for design effects. Allo or Himalayan Nettle, is a natural fiber extracted from the Cannabis plant which grows naturally in high altitudes. it is light, strong, and has a silk-like sheen. Hemp is a natural fiber known for its strength. It is 90% water resistant, hence very durable. Linen is a natural fiber from flax plant and one of the most popular natural fiber in the world. Linen carpets are cool to touch, lint free, durable and has high natural luster. it is recommended on the hot weather areas.

Beautiful Home deserves a Beautiful Carpet