carpet care

Carpet Care

Proper care of your carpet is essential to maintain its original texture and appearance. Vacuuming your carpet regularly is necessary to extract dirt and soil buildup in the carpet. If not cleaned regularly, loose dirt and soil are dug deep into the carpet, especially in areas of high traffic, causing damage to the carpet fibers. Accumulation of dirt and soil build can cause irreparable damage to the carpet. For best results, we suggest using a vacuum cleaner with good suction and a plain nozzle. Exercise care when using a vacuum cleaner with a power brush or a “beater bar.” Power brushes can damage the top layer of the carpet if used too strenuously and frequently. Three to five strokes of the vacuum cleaner is usually sufficient to clean any dirt. The strokes can be applied in forward and backward direction. Apply the last stroke in one direction to ensure a uniform appearance on the top layer of your carpet. Keep surface beneath the carpet clean.

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