Lead Time

Production time of carpets vary according to their knot density, size and design. An experienced weaver can weave about 40 cm (about 16 inches) of 60 Knots carpet or 10 cm (about 4 inches) of 100 Knots carpet in a day.

The following table indicates the approximate time required to manufacture various types of carpets of standard size 150×240 cm or 5×8 ft.

Carpet Type /Knot Density

Approx Weaving Time

Additional Finishing Time

*60 Knots

15-25 days

5-10 days

Super 60 Knots

20-35 days

5-10 days

80 Knots

30-45 days

7-15 days

100 Knots

45-60 days

7-15 days

*Finishing includes washing, drying, stretching, cutting and final touches.

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